Join Live Video Bootcamp


Are you feeling... 

FRUSTRATED with content creation?


FORGOTTEN by your customers?


ALONE in figuring out technology? 


NERVOUS about creating live videos? 


Bootcamp helps you: 

✓ Create INDUSTRY LEADING videos
✓ Feel more CONFIDENT on camera
✓ INCREASE sales through social media
✓ Set yourself APART from competition
✓ Design a CLEAR social media strategy

Program Details: 

Live Video Bootcamp is a series of master class experiences for entrepreneurs eagerly looking for business growth through Facebook live videos.  This eight-week signature program breaks down cutting edge technology into easily applied tactics setting you apart from competitors.  The training takes place in an exclusive Facebook group allowing for a supportive entrepreneurial community.  My mission is to support you in creating limitless content that connects with customers and drives meaningful sales.  Weekly training topic sessions, homework challenges and live Q&A allows for the ultimate learning experience.


8 Week Live Training:

Weekly 60 minute signature training sessions include my proven techniques empowering you to create an untouchable marketing presence. The live training format supports full interaction and meaningful learning. The signature sessions are also recorded for easy replay and flexibility with busy schedules.

Value: $2400


Exclusive Facebook Group Access:

Exclusive group access during your eight week membership provides support as you learn with other eager entrepreneurs and implement industry-leading techniques. Weekly motivating challenges ensure the training is implemented to it's highest potential driving increased sales and meaningful customer connections.

Value: $600


Weekly Group Q & A Sessions:

Weekly 90 minute Live Group Q & A Sessions allow you to ask specific questions and learn from others as they implement the signature techniques. The real time answers accelerates your growth for maximum success and completion of my signature training program.

Value: $800


Implementation Guides:

My signature training guides take proven strategies and breaks them down into easily implemented techniques. The additional signature cheat sheets allow for quick recaps that can be utilized for future reference as you create a marketing presence that unleashes unlimited possibilities for your business.

Value: $400


Expert Support:

Technology updates related to Facebook or the signature Live Video software will be provided up to one year post the training program to ensure you are on the cutting edge of live video techniques.

Value: $800



Top students will receive the opportunity to share their products or services in my online group which includes over eleven thousand customers. Course completion will include special prizes and Live Video Certification.

Value: Priceless


Bottom Line: 

$5000 Training Value